Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 4: HK 050108

We made our way to Macau Airport in the noon to send my Dad off as he was leaving for Singapore..i can see he very happy to visit Macau and finallie have a chance to explore the casinos over there..

after saying farewell, Dear and I went back Hotel Beverly Plaza to get our stuff before taking the ferry back to Macau..it was a rush..due to unforeseen jams.. we almost missed the departure time..but fortunately made it..

what makes it worse was when we reached HK.. we were lost in the midst of finding our hotel Ramada..Dear mistook an office bldg as the hotel as the exterior looked somewhat similar..finallie we found it..and gave 2 thumbs up to the facilities of this hotel..excellent and super comfy..highly recommended.. i guess u dun reallie have to stay in Nathan Road since the transport system in HK is excellent..this hotel faces the sea.. located in Central..at the time when we wanna book hotel..those in Nathan Rd were fully booked.luckily we found this..

it was already evening when we settled everything.. made our way to Temple Street for some feast..cheap and good.. worth trying!serving size all very big..we missed 许留山 after coming back from our 1st trip to HK..the mango dessert was the main factor for such an effect.. coming HK the second time.. of cuz we have to eat it again..at the same time also try other 招牌of the shop..all very yummy.. bought some Krispy Kremes donuts..why cant they open one in Singapore? I'll patronise it daily!

knocked off earlie tonight for Lamma Island the next day!

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