Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 6: HK 070108

Our last day at HK! is just so fast these days pass.. actuallie today our feet is oreadi very very tired le after so much walking for the past few days.. today's itinerary was quite simple..

A Walk around Sheung Wan and Central areas..

We adopted a walking trail from HK pamphlets which I took during our 1st trip to HK.. it helped us a lot in our planning..A good thing of Ramada HK Hotel is that transport is readily available as the tram is just right in front of the hotel.. with an affordable HKD$2.. you can take the tram as long as you want.. we took it to the Western Market as shown.. This market has some kind of history behind it.. something on the British.. it looks reallie westernized to me.. took a few pics at this interesting building.. actuallie inside sell many cloth materials of differnt designs.Next, we ventured out along the streets of Sheung Wan.. you see many shops selling those dried seafood.. which I do not know how to appreciate haha.. maybe aunties and uncles.. and grannys and grandpa will appreciate more of such.. as for youngsters.. well..u just dun see them at these shops.. i tink is quite a big sales over there ba since so many are selling roughly the same stuff and wanting to get more customers to them..

Along the trail..we also saw The Magistracy..but it seemed isolated..a tourist monument..but the structure is very majestic indeed..we also got the famous egg tarts from 泰昌饼家 located near Lan Kwai Fong..didnt buy as many as we did from the 1st trip.. probably cuz we were too attracted to the Portugese egg tarts which tasted better in our opinion haha..
after which..we hurried our way to Wanchai MTR..walking then to the Golden Bauhinia Sculpture located near the Convention Centre.. this is the other flower given by China to HK..does it have any difference to the flower we took with in Macau??? And that was our last stop in HK... we had to go back to wait for our hotel-transfer -to-airport-bus..which arrived promptly to our relief..as there was some complications in the arrangement of this bus..
had this on the plane..fish with a packet of cashew nuts for additional flavouring.. that's the end of our 2nd trip to HK.. went to places which we haven been.. climbin mountain too..it was an experience after all :)

Day 5: HK 060108

We woke up pretty earlie that day..taking a tram from outside Ramada Hotel to the ferry pier to catch the ferry to Yung Shue Wan..one part of Lamma Island..it was more rural from what we saw when the ferry reached the destination..but at the same time..there were many tourists..probably coming here to escape from the city life.. alng the way, we saw many seafood restaurants.. all with gigantic sea creatures on sales.. we decided to walk around first before feasting and took up a trail walk.. little did we know the trail took us like 2h before we reached the other end of Lamma Island..and that is Sok Kwu Wan..which is where we had a very yummilicious seafood lunch..Lamma Island here we come~
Seafood, Street, Seafood Market
it was mentioned before Lamma Island offers very famous 自制豆花..there were a few shops selling it.. we chanced upon one and decided to try.. as indeed..the 豆花 was so smooth...u can just consume and swallow immd.. we choose the cold one.. super shiok when eaten on a hot day!

after eating.. we embarked on our trail.. along the way, there were attractions and stopovers or pavillions for you to take a rest and have some food..we adopted the trail after researching from catalogues taken when we were at the airport.. so be sure to take those brochures before you depart from the airport..dun rush to make your way to your hotel first ya..

clear blue sea..nice scenery!
the trail we took from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan
the food we ate at Rainbow Seafood Restaurant..I perceived that it was a famous restaurant based on the awards they won and the crowd they have.. we chose this 2-person set meal which filled our table with those food as seen in the collage above..amazing right?...i think everything tasted very fresh..the rice was also very yummy..and what makes it even better is that the restaurant has self-owned ferries which can bring us for FREE back to Central Pier..there are various departure timings.. as long as u dine in them.. you will be provided with this priviledge..
we got some 茶果..from an old lady selling near the pier.. it tasted quite nice.. with different fillings like red bean or sesame..heard that it wa one of the famous food in Lamma Island..and also not to forget..this extremely crispy and tasty food from Lamma Island..remember to have some before you leave..you wun regret!

when we reached Central Pier.. we took MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui and took the KCR to New Territories Station.. never being on a KCR..their railway before.. it was very cool..fast speed..comfy seats...

as referred from the guide.. we wanted to make our way to the Bride's Pool..once reaching New Territories.. we took a public bus..about 30mins before reaching Bride's Pool...yet another beautiful ecotourism area..having to climb mountains earlier in Lamma Island has made us quite lethargic during this trail.. we took a map and saw actuallie in within got many other waterfalls..due to the elevated rocks etc.. i guess we walked in for abut 1h and then U-turned back cuz is getting darker.. the rocks were rather steep to climb.. there were many photographers coming here to take some scenic shots..for us.. we took most of our pics at this mini-waterfall..

it was near dinner time after we completed the journey to here..New Territories does not look as modernised as roads in the Central or along Nathan Roads.. there were less buildings.. less activities..less shopping..it is good to see a different side of HK too..

there is however a shopping centre located next to Sha Tin..another station along the KCR line..named New Town Plaza..there's this Snoopy world right above the shopping mall..very nice figurines and statues avaliable for picture taking..
we're just too full for dinner after exploring Snoopy World.. so we decided to make our way to Victoria Harbor for the Symphony of Lights at 8pm.. shown daily.. we didnt catch it during the 1st trip to HK.. for this time.. we decide not to miss it again!

Day 4: HK 050108

We made our way to Macau Airport in the noon to send my Dad off as he was leaving for Singapore..i can see he very happy to visit Macau and finallie have a chance to explore the casinos over there..

after saying farewell, Dear and I went back Hotel Beverly Plaza to get our stuff before taking the ferry back to Macau..it was a rush..due to unforeseen jams.. we almost missed the departure time..but fortunately made it..

what makes it worse was when we reached HK.. we were lost in the midst of finding our hotel Ramada..Dear mistook an office bldg as the hotel as the exterior looked somewhat similar..finallie we found it..and gave 2 thumbs up to the facilities of this hotel..excellent and super comfy..highly recommended.. i guess u dun reallie have to stay in Nathan Road since the transport system in HK is excellent..this hotel faces the sea.. located in Central..at the time when we wanna book hotel..those in Nathan Rd were fully booked.luckily we found this..

it was already evening when we settled everything.. made our way to Temple Street for some feast..cheap and good.. worth trying!serving size all very big..we missed 许留山 after coming back from our 1st trip to HK..the mango dessert was the main factor for such an effect.. coming HK the second time.. of cuz we have to eat it again..at the same time also try other 招牌of the shop..all very yummy.. bought some Krispy Kremes donuts..why cant they open one in Singapore? I'll patronise it daily!

knocked off earlie tonight for Lamma Island the next day!

Day 3: Macau 040108

After exploring Macau Peninsula, we moved on to the 2 other islands of Macau : Taipa and Coloane

@ Taipa:

We took the shuttle bus from ferry terminal to the Venetian which is located at Taipa cuz if u take taxi, cross that bridge need to pay extra fees haha.. so have to save money lo.. reach Venetian.. another super grand hotel and entertainment place.. casino very grand.. interior design to mimic Venice.. with a "river" and boats.. singers.. pretty design.. classy shops.. and big posters on Manchester United saying that they will be @ Venetian in February 2008.SBasically I feel Venetian is like Genting.. as in the layout.. the contents.. I walked about in the casino.. interesting to see the different betting tables, the kind of bets, the kind of games.. the technology to play and bet with computer.. the different features each slot machine offers.. I lost 4 bucks though at this casino... haha..
We took cab from Venetian to the Food street in Taipa.. is like a small little street that sells Macau food and also a souvenir shop.. and allow me to say a souvenir shop... cuz after 3 days of exploring in Macau, I cant find any place selling Macau magnets except this shop.. all other souvenir shops sells food instead.. we patronised this Portugese restaurant named "Dumbo Restaurant".. we had pork knuckle.. eh their Portugese Veggy Soup.. Egg tarts..as usual.. egg tarts are the ones that appeal to me most!Food Street in Taipa
Dumbo Restaurant

Thereafter, we took cab to Coloane Island to the Hac Sa Beach. Not cheap to reach there cuz is very rural.. the beach sand is black.. no joke!.. look at the pic.. i duno why is black though.. but scenery was great..an interesting sightWe saw this public bus from the busstop near Hac Sa beach and took it to Ah-Ma Cultural Village.. to the very magnificient Ah-Ma Statue which looks over the sea.. located on top of a hill
the scenery was very breathtaking..overlooking the sea..the statue has a rich history..it is a must-see when you come here!

after that.. we made our way to Coloane's famous Lord Stew Bakery for some recommended food like of cuz..egg tarts haha..i didnt take pics of egg tarts cuz they were in our stomach once purchased..no time haha
pudding with peanut-coated layer

after spending some time walking along the road beside the sea.. seeing people fishing.. sitting around..strolling with dogs.. sitting by the waters and admiring the scenery in a lazy afternoon.. we made our way back to Macau Peninsula..we boarded on a Public Bus when we made our way back and it was just too bumpy and squeezy thruout..we jus had to alight before taking a cab to the Guia Fort and Lighthouse

witnessed the sunset there..overlooking the landscape of Macau.. saw those casinos starting to light up..although they operate 24hours..you can either drive up or take a cable car up to Guia Fortress and Lighthouse anyway.. but the cable car service ends earlie..

this is our last night in Macau.. moving on to HK tmr while my dad is returining home first...haha..after being very satisfied visiting almost all casinos in Macau as he mentioned..i'll certainly miss the portugese egg tarts they offer..that's my take-home gift haha..so HK as the 2nd time visiting..hope it would be fun!

Day 2: Macau 030108

we woke early today.. went for the free breakfast buffet @ Hotel Beverly Plaza, food was not bad.. i tink find hotels very impt if they provide free breakfast.. it will be a plus point to draw customers like me to patronise their hotels haha..

filled our stomachs with much food and took a cab to the Grand Prix Museum and Wine Museum @ Macau.. our 2nd taxi trip jiu kena cheated le.. taxi uncle nv give us correct change and the blur us only to realise it after we alighted.. sigh.. anyway, there's this Museum Pass which you can visit 6 museum for a fixed price.. alternatively, you can pay when you enter one museum at a time but more expensive la.. so we bought the Museum Pass.. as you may have known.. Macau every year got this Grand Prix event at usually November.. hotels lining the track of this event will have damn high booking rates la.. cuz good view ma.. this museum showcase the different models of cars.. bikes.. an eye-opener for us.. and also a stimulator game to expereience the feeling of participating in the Grand Prix..
Him with the famous Michael Schumacher

the Wine Museum is located just next to the Grand Prix Museum.. it exhibits a series of how grape wine is made.. the Portugese story.. the different kinds of wine.. a really good place for those wine-lovers to check it out.. and also free wine tasting.. drink as much as you want i think.. haha though we just had a glass of each type.. after tasting,if you like.. you can buy the wine at the souvenir shop.. i thought that was pretty interesting..

after tat.. we walked to the Golden Flower Statue.. Both HK and Macau has a Golden Flower given to them by China..the one you see now is @ Macau.. we also took with the Golden flower in HK which you will see later..
and den... we took a cab to the Macau Tower.. to our surprise, there's this Da Vinci Exhibition whcih showcase the inventions of Da Vinci.. he;s really a smart man with no doubts.. just look at his inventions.. from music.. to arts.. to mechanics.. to physics.. to monalisa.. to the human anatomy..photography not allowed..so no picz here~Also at the Macau Tower, you can try bungy jumping, skywalk.. from a great height.. at the end of it.. you'll be given a certificate.. need to pay money one..tat day too cold le.. we didnt try.. haha.. too dangerous!

den later, we took a cab to this 妈祖庙,a famous tourist attraction..beside it is the Macau Maritime Museum.Below are pics taken at the temple,the maritime museum.. we ventured off from there,came across this souvenir shop which forum did recommend.. we went in and bought the famous almond cookies.. the original flavour one is extreme nice.. i dun like almond cookies one cuz of the smell.. but these cookies changed my impression.. must try!!@ Koi Kei Bakery..Sg also got sell..but they are overpriced..shipping fees maybe?? they have many outlets thruout Macau.. also got sell Portugese egg tarts.. after eating these egg tarts, we lose total interest in Sg and HK egg tarts.. haha..is just so different!another must-try food at Macau!The famous Koi Kei Bakery

A-Ma Temple

Maritime Museum

check this list out if u wanna name yr kid similar to a typhoon!

and after tat.. we went off to this Senado Square and the famous Ruins of St. Paul.. below are pics taken at these places.. a very touristy-looking place.. modern side of Macau indeed..tried the 猪扒包 and 奶茶.. not bad.. very tasty and cheap..

many people ah.. everyone wana take pic in front of the Ruins of St. Paul.. get the best view.. lucky we got bring tripod.. is really handy if just 2 persons go travel haha.. or else you have to keep finding people to take pics for us..there's another museum located near..Macau Museum.. so you see.. the Museum Pass is actually quite worthwhile haha.. but this time.. after goin so many museum.. very tired liao.. no energy to read.. jus go in see see..
scenery view from the top of the museum
i was quite thirsty so went to 711 to get a drink.. sad to say.. @ Macau.. most shop vendors and sales personnel do not speak English or CHinese.. so is just Canto.. and when you duno how to speak Canto.. is quite troublesome at times.. I was framed for paying less at this convenience shop for a bottle of mineral water.. trying to tell them I pay the exact price as listed on the box of mineral water in the shop..they start shouting as if im a robber or some pest.. I was disgusted.. very disgusted by the impatience they display.. and left the shop "throwing money" and quickly walked away before it gets more ugly.. arg.. it kinda spoil my day for that occasion.. fancy getting scolded by a foreign language..night view in Senado Square

without much delay.. we took a cab to the Canidrome Race Course.. 赛狗场。.there were many China tourists on that day.. we didnt bet though. just go take a look.. is quite amusing to see the dogs running after that fake "rabbit".. there's this dog number 4 which shitted while it is walking to the startpoint haha..
very hungry liao after watching dog race.. went for some street food.. it was not bad.. a bit like yong tau foo.. and their 鱼蛋 is immersed in curry.. so the food are quite currified.. haha..good to warm your stomachs in the cold weather esp at night..
we went back hotel after tat..put our stuff and went photo-takin outside different casinos.. transport was free thruout.. we just had to make our way to the ferry terminal.. play ard with the various hotel shuttle buses.. and move from one hotel to another..very grand la.. all the hotels.. some look sleazy.. some look super grand.. we went to the latest casino MGM Grand.. very grand indeed with the lion statue in front of the hotel.. no cameras to be brought into casino.. security very strict.. so tat night.. we jus go take pics of different hotels.. nv go in to play YET! haha..beautiful bridge in Macau
famous casinos in Macau: MGM Grand, Grand Lisboa, Wynn, Sands Casino
as you may have guessed.. go so many places tat day muz be very tired bah.. indeed.. totally KO tat day.. as usual.. Dad not back at hotel even after we reach hotel at 2am.. haha.. i just duno what he is doing at these casinos .. 佩服!